Thermal Fleece Face Mask

A winter mask that has 11 colours from which you can choose the best suiting. I ordered black one as you can see from the pictures. The material is soft, made from fleece and there are 2 rubber bands from which you can regulae size of the opening. The size fits nicely. Opening the package I felt strong factory/chemical smell, felt a bit nasty when I tried it on. After a wash the smell went down, but still not perfect.

The mask was still a bit chemically, but it was cold outside and I decided to try it anyway. The mask is not pretty, but practical when you go hiking or sledding. If you live in north and want to go out with a snow storm, then the mask looks a bit odd. Personally I would wear it without the mouthpiece and will wear a hat on top of it to hide it. You can tell that the product is a bit out of shape and loose. The mouthpiece sits loose on your chin. The material is very thick, would prefer something thinner and denser. Also the cut is a bit weird. It's not sewn properly, so it does not sit tight around your neck. While wearing it the neck piece is wide and does not cover under the chin, meaning you have to wear scarf with it.

Considering the facts it would serve it's purpose when you live on the countryside and have to do outside activities. Or when you go to sky with your family. When you need it for a public place, it looks a bit sloppy and weird. But at the same time the mask is comfortable and warm, which is the main purpose of it.

(3 / 5)