Safety Led Clip On Spotlight for Dog

Small light with perfect size (height: 5.5cm; width: 2.5 cm; length: 3.5cm) for clipping on dog collar on dark evenings.

The light has three possible modes:
First push - turns the light on.
Second push - fast flickering.
Third push - slow flickering.
Fourth push - turns off.

The light switching works relatively hard, because the case is made of solid rubber. Which is a good thing, shows the quality and sturdiness of the product and can take some falling and damage. Worse option would to have a separate plastic switch. I can't find any weaknesses from where moisture would get in while raining, so it's weather safe. Another positive thing is that the fastening part is made of metal. Opening for battery change is quite hard.

The small light would work well on kids clothes too, when you need more visibility for drivers or losing your kid. From colours I suggest yellow and wite ones for maximum visibility, blue is also doing the job and looks good.

The price is favorable - just 0.75 euros and the delivery was 13 days only. I suggest the product.

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