Silent Electric Branch Shredder

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If you are facing the same problem as we do, that you have a bunch of branches and you don't want to light a fire to burn them, then you can get a brunch shader like this one GLH-E 2540 Einhell. I got it from Bauhaus. You simply put the branch in the opening, and it pulls them down to the machine, you don't have to push it through. We have here apple trees and a plum tree. Most of the branches are widely spread out in every direction but it would affect the job, if the branch is fitting throw the whole, then it pushes all the wide parts together and sucks the branch inside. It is really safe to use. Even my child is helping us out by putting smaller branches into the machine. The blades are really deep down inside, even if you are accidentally putting your finger into the whole you can't reach them. See? They are far down there. Speaking about the part what cuts the wood, there are two options at the market, well maybe there are more but two more commons. There are this on, where you have a blade, like a scissor cutting the branches. Our machine doesn't have that, I haven't used it, I am not sure, but I think what with this blade the branches might get stuck easily and may clog the machine. We are using this technology on the Silent Electric Branch Shredder. Alike a gear with sharpened teeth. You put branches down the feeding inlet, and it goes between the blade baffle and blade. It looks firmer more solid — industrial companies using a similar method to shatter trees. And when the branch is shattered you end up with this mulch that you can spread out to your garden or flower bed to inhibit the weed growth or just for the extra fertilisation. They are still pretty large pieces, I have seen on the internet when they achieve slightly smaller ones, but hey, these ones will decompose slower, and won't get mouldy. You can also prevent this by reducing the distance between blade baffle and the blade whit this specific green screw is here. The blade cuts into the baffle. In the manual, it's also said that it's set by the factory in the right position. Just some precautions so that it would not wear out prematurely. If you use the machine, often you might need to replace the wear parts, so when you are buying your own shredder, you might want to check into the availability of those parts. Also, You need a certain type of extension cord in order to connect it. It is a standard outdoor extension. Since there is no wire, but just a plug under the cover. Be careful, don't accidentally but stones into Electric Silent Shredder. I took a handful of tiny branch pieces from the ground, and there was a stone there. The stone chipped a blade tooth, but luckily there was no catastrophic damage. Overall it is an enjoyable machine to use. All my family is hands on it. It costs 170 euros, and we got a pair of pruning scissors whit it as a gift. It is speedy and quiet and a really fun machine to use. You can move it to different locations, this GLH-E 2540 Einhell wheels under it. The GC-RS 2540 electric silent shredder is a powerful and reliable tool for the speedy and quiet shredding of tree cuttings, hedge cuttings and garden waste. Get rid of branches without burning.