Marvel Ultimate Spider-man Web 2019 30cm 12" | Aliexpress Review

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This is another a good money saver. This huge spiderman can easily cost up to 30 euros if you buy it from your local supermarket. But on Ali, you can buy it for 6 to 8 euros. It has excellent quality, rubber-plastic. it's firm and tough. Plastic is sharing. Wonderful details, this spiderweb pattern runs along the upper body leaving the legs clean and bright. Vibrant colours. Really child-friendly. excellent condition. The back shows a large spider. The spiderman is able to stand up on his own. He can sit down. He can move his head up and down. Arms and legs are moving. He can't move his fingers, whits I think is terribly long. And his feet are moving as well. I can turn them around. It is a really cool toy to give to your child or as a gift. If you don't want spiderman you can choose all kinds of different marvel action figures. If you like to have the toy in a box you need to pay about a euro more. I house without package and it came inside a bubble wrap. If you also want to buy it for yourself or as a gift, then go to Aliexpress, link in the description, under the video. That's it. I will see you next time.