5 STAR RATING SACE LADY Full Cover Concealer and MAANGE Makeup Sponge | Aliexpress Review

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Well, what do I have here? I wanted to buy some consider or foundation whatever seemed interesting to me and I went on Aliexpress, klick on beauty and health, then I choose makeup, then I was curious what makeup product had the most orders, and there it is...I found a Fundacion that had so many orders, and it looked quite reliable. And here it is now in my hand, I souse no. 3 and no. 4 Natural and Warm Natural. It has an expiring date also. ... I'm going to test them on my face and see how it is going to look there. Okay, I'm going to use this sponge that I allow bought from Aliexpress, I have another video where I use this sponge, you can check it out but, let's go and apply this product. I know it says that this is a concealer but I will apply it like it was a foundation just to see how it stays on. Ouu.. it covers really good and even. I'm not doing my whole face, only a small section to test it out. And this is the final result. I fancy it. It's nothing like on my hand. On the hand, it looked really heavy and shiny, but if you take a reasonable amount then it turns out wonderful. If this colour is not for you then you can choose, light natural, warm ivory, natural, warm natural, honey, ivory, sunny beach or medium dark. I actually like that this bottle is tiny. I don't usually use up the bigger bottles, and they will expire. And also if I would order a wrong colour, then I could mix it with lighter or darker tone to match my skin colour.