Iron On Patches for Kids clothes

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Last week, I received this package and I have been waiting for it for a while because like many things I order from Ali, this is for my kid how goes to kindergarten and we have a tiny problem with his pants. Many of his pants around the knee area have holes or the fabric is so thin that soon there is going to be a whole. I don't want to throw away perfectly good pants just because of a small defect, so I am doing a little experiment if those Patches stay on the pants. And we have here a bunch of cool vehicles, trucks, aeroplanes, boats, cars. ... Overall thous patches where very helpful, If I didn't have them, I probably had to throw thous pants away. If you also want to buy it then go to Aliexpress, link in the description, under the video. That's it. I will see you next time. Please like and subscribe, Bye-bye.